FAQ: Programs

Ontario's public colleges offer over 4500 programs, ranging from one-year diplomas to 4-year degrees. See our Find a Program section to browse all programs offered or to search by area of study, college or credential offered.

In our Find a Program section, you can search programs and view specific details, such as credential, entry level, start date and more. You can also see whether a program is open, closed or waitlisted.

You can find information on some apprenticeships on the Apprenticeships page in our Find a Program section. You will also be able to see some of the available apprenticeship programs. To find out more about apprenticeships visit the Minstry of Training, College and Universities website.

Some collaborative nursing programs require you to apply through ontariocolleges.ca, while others will require you to apply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC). You can view collaborative nursing programs in our Find a Program section. Check the program title or the Notes field in the program details to see application requirements.

Post-diploma programs (also called post-graduate programs) are programs that require a college diploma, college certificate or university degree for admission. You can view all the post-diploma programs in our Find a Program section.

To learn more about credit transfers and using ONTransfer.ca, visit our Transfer Credits page.

Starting levels indicate the year and semester in which you want to start a program. For example, Level 1 is the first semester of the first year, Level 2 is the second semester of the first year, Level 3 is the first semester of the second year, and so on.

A highly competitive program (also called an oversubscribed program or limited enrolment program) is one that consistently has more qualified applicants than there are seats available for the Fall start date. Because these programs are so competitive, applicants must apply before the Equal Consideration Date if they expect to be considered. For more information, see our Highly Competitive Programs page.