How to Apply to an Ontario College

(Canadian Applicants)

The first step in applying to college is to research the programs and colleges available to you. If you have not already decided what programs you are applying to, you can:

The next step is to create an account with and begin your college application.

Ready to start your application?

Create an Account


to your account to complete your application, make changes or confirm offers of admission.

Your Account

If you have never applied through before, click the "Create an Account" button to get started. Your account allows you to:

  • Apply to any of Ontario's public colleges
  • Review and update your college application
  • Request Ontario high school transcripts (from participating schools)
  • Request Ontario college / university transcripts
  • View and accept offers of admission

Important Info Before You Apply

  • The application processing fee allows you up to 5 program choices (no more than 3 at any one college).
  • All program choices must start within the same academic year (August-July).
  • There may be additional fees to request transcripts.
  • Your username is permanent.
  • Your password must be between 8 and 14 characters in length.
  • Use a valid email address.
  • DO NOT create more than one account.
  • The application works best in certain web browsers.

How to Apply

  • Log in to your account.
  • Fill in your personal information and educational history.
  • Add your program choices.
  • Request your transcripts. (If you’re a current Ontario high school student, most high schools automatically send your grades to us.)
  • Pay the application processing fee and any transcript fees.
  • Log back in to verify your transcript information, or to make changes or updates to your application. (Changing your program choices after February 1 may affect your chances of receiving an offer, as applications will be considered first-come, first-served. Note that removing a program choice will notify the college you are no longer interested in that choice.)
  • Log back in after November 1 to view and confirm offers of admission.
  • For more in-depth information, please refer to our guide for applying to college

Important Dates

  • October: Applications become available for programs starting the following fall.
  • November 1: Colleges may begin sending offers of admission.
  • February 1: Equal Consideration Date – apply to highly competitive programs on or before this date.
  • May 1: Deadline to confirm offers (colleges may extend offers after this date).
  • Mid-June: Tuition deposit payment due.
  • See the Important Dates page for more information.

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