FAQ: Offers of Admission

For programs that start in the Fall, colleges can start sending out offers of admission on the Equal Consideration Date and will continue to send them out until programs are full or wait-lists are established. Offers for programs that start at other times of the year will have different deadlines. Contact the colleges directly for more information.

If a college has made you an offer of admission, we will post it in your account under View Offers. Check regularly to see if an offer has come in. Keep in mind, we don't receive information about whether students have been declined or wait-listed for a program. If you're concerned that you haven't received an offer, contact the colleges directly.

To confirm an offer, log in to your account and go to the View Offers screen. Click on the “Confirm Offer” button next to the offer you wish to accept. Then, when you’re sure, click “Yes, I do wish to confirm this offer”. Your offer is then considered accepted and we will notify the college of your decision. You will also receive an email confirmation from ontariocolleges.ca.

You will receive an email from ontariocolleges.ca once you have confirmed an offer. You can also expect to hear from the colleges about your next steps. If you’re concerned you haven’t received anything from your college, you can contact them directly.

Once you’ve accepted an offer, there’s no need to decline your remaining offers – our system will decline them automatically.

If you’ve decided not to attend college and you’d like to decline all your offers, log in to your account, go to the View Offers screen and click the “Decline All Offers” button. You will receive an email from ontariocolleges.ca summarizing the offers you’ve declined.

If you've already accepted one offer of admission, you can choose to accept a different offer as long as the offer is still current. (If it is not current, it will be marked as 'Expired'.)

Keep in mind that you can only accept one offer at a time. When you accept a new offer, the new college will be notified and your original acceptance will be automatically cancelled.

If you were not accepted to any of the programs you applied for, you can use our Find a Program tool to search for programs that are still open. If you find a program or programs you're interested in, you can log in to your application and change your existing programs to the new ones. The colleges will be notified of your changes, and you will be considered for the new programs.

If your offer has been marked as expired, revoked or suspended, you’ll need to contact the college directly for more information.