FAQ: International Applicants

The documents required for international applicants will vary from program to program. For detailed information about applying as an international applicant and about specific documents, visit our International Applicants page.

There are two organizations that can evaluate your international documents:

These organizations will send a Credential Assessment Report to ontariocolleges.ca, which we will then post to your application and forward to the college(s) you’ve applied to.

International applicants use the same online application as Canadian applicants. However, additional steps in the application process may be required, such as document translation, proof of language proficiency and more. For more information, see our International Applicants page.

For information on English language proficiency and other language requirements, read the English Language Proficiency section of our International Applicants page.

No. If you want to attend college in Ontario, you must make all the arrangements before you leave your home country. You cannot make the arrangements once you are a visitor in Canada.

For more information on studying in Canada, see our International Applicants page.