How to View and Confirm Offers of Admission to College

November 1 is the earliest date colleges may begin to inform applicants of their admission decisions. Offers of admission will continue to be issued until program seats are filled and / or waitlists are established.

Log in to your account regularly to check your offers of admission. Note that offers of admission may not be posted to your account immediately, as this data must be transmitted to us by the colleges.

Accepting Your Offer

To accept an offer of admission to college:

You can also confirm your acceptance of an offer by calling our Customer Contact Centre.

Once you have accepted an offer, will send a confirmation email to the email address associated with your account.

The other colleges to which you have applied will receive notification of your accepted offer.

Note: You may not defer an offer of admission.

Changing Your Confirmation of Acceptance

You may receive more than one offer of admission, depending on the number of colleges and / or programs to which you have applied.

You may accept only one offer at a time. However, if you change your mind or receive another offer that you prefer, you may change your acceptance as long as the offer has not expired. Your current acceptance will automatically cancel your previous acceptance.

Note that you may only confirm an offer once per day. If you have already confirmed an offer and change your mind later that day, you must wait until the next business day to confirm the new offer.

Confirmation Deadlines

You must confirm your acceptance to college by May 1, unless the offer was made to you after this date. Each college determines its own confirmation deadline on offers made after May 1.

Offer Status

You may not accept offers of admission that are marked with the following statuses:

  • Revoked – The offer has been withdrawn by the college and is no longer available to you.
  • Suspended – The offer has been suspended by the college because the program is no longer being offered.
  • Expired – The expiry date has passed and this offer is no longer valid.

Declining Offers

If you decide not to attend any college program you have applied for, you may decline all offers by logging in to your account, clicking on "View Offers" and then clicking on "Decline All Offers".

Note that this will decline any offer that you have already accepted.

If you are accepting an offer of admission, there is no need to decline any other offers. Upon confirming that you are declining all offers, will notify the colleges. If you change your mind or receive another offer after you have declined all offers, you may accept the other offer as long as it is active (i.e. the offer is not expired or revoked).

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