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Proud to be North. Proud to be Northern.

Excellence is part of what we do daily.  We offer an education proven to set you up for success in your chosen career, backed by a rating of 100% employer satisfaction in Key Performance Indicators. 

Our learning environment caps classes at low numbers so you get the personalized attention you want with the maximized hands-on experience you need.  With the most knowledgeable faculty in the business providing friendly, understanding and kind support as you learn with us, you will receive a top-notch college experience with an unmatched skill-set so you succeed long after graduation.


Teaching is our passion. And we’ve worked hard over the past few years to invest in the quality of our programs and student success. We’re quite pleased with the results. Because as they say, the data speaks for itself. During the 2019-2020 academic year:

  • Northern College led Ontario’s English-speaking colleges in student satisfaction with 92.9 percent of students reporting that their programs are providing them with the skills they need for future employment. (Source: Colleges Ontario) 
  • Attracting approximately 650 international students on our northern campuses in the 2019-2020 academic year, Northern continues to be a college of choice for learners from around the world. 
  • With a 30 percent increase in high school applicants, Northern College was one of the few Ontario institutions to report positive growth in domestic student applications. And while colleges across the province were reporting decreases, Northern showed a six percent enrolment growth—alongside increases in every other measurable metric—leading all colleges in the province. (Source: Ontario Colleges Application Service) 
  • The College exceeded provincial graduation averages from Board-approved programs, with 94 percent of students receiving their certificates. (Source: Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMT), 2017-2020)

Life at Northern


Northern continues to build on our reputation as a world-class provider of specialty programs, leveraging the strengths of every campus and offering while responding to the educational and training needs of northern communities.

As we continue to invest in marquee programming that both characterizes our four campuses and defines the institution’s educational strengths, work is well under way to ensure these long-standing cornerstones continually evolve to respond to an ever-changing industrial sector and credentialing climate.


In June 2019, MCU approved funding for the new Emergency Management, Terrorism and Pandemic Planning graduate certificate, and work began immediately on curriculum development, in consultation with the City of Timmins and our Emergency Services partners and programs. This new program covers pertinent topics such as Cybersecurity and Threat/Risk Assessment, and is the only program in Ontario that includes Pandemic/Mass Casualty Planning in its title. The program will make the new Advance Disaster Management Simulation System a keystone learning system within the Emergency Services Programs, and will further elevate the profile of Northern College as a centre for excellence in Emergency Services training. The first intake of this new graduate certificate program is scheduled for September 2020.

Emergency services at Northern are delivered on the Timmins campus in a cross-collaborative, state-of-the-art new building, with fire departments and emergency services working on-site. Following the unveiling of our Integrated Emergency Services Complex in the fall of 2018, Northern College experienced a new era of tangible, technology-focused experiential learning that has seen a notable rise in enrolment for our suite of emergency services programming. Students now have access to the latest in simulator training designed to instill essential, cross-disciplinary cooperation alongside emergency service professionals, as well as on-site placement opportunities—introducing a new approach to on-site collaborative post-secondary education that’s unique to the province, if not the country.


In October 2019, Northern announced a new program it had developed as part of a collaboration between Ontario’s six northern colleges, designed to fill a growing training gap in the specialized areas of human rights, disability management, and accommodations.  Accommodation and Human Rights Management is a one-year, three-semester Ontario College Graduate Certificate offered to students for Northern College’s Fall 2020 semester. Northern College is pleased to announce the creation of this new graduate program housed within the School of Business and Office Administration.


Educational spaces should reflect what students are learning and the relevance of their chosen vocation. The electrical program area was refreshed to create a warm, inviting, and user-friendly space for students to gather, discuss projects, and compare notes.

Formerly known as ‘The Hydro One Energy Centre’ at the Timmins campus, this area houses the shared learning environments for the Electrical Apprenticeship and Electrical Engineering Signature Programs. As part of a larger effort to pivot the program identity and bring it in line with a more modern image of the Electrical Industry, a collaboration between the Marketing, Technology and Trades, and Plant and Property departments undertook a project in February 2020 to update the look and atmosphere of this campus wing. A focus on environmental sustainability and technological advancement has been incorporated into the program curriculum through content updates, and with the improvements to the physical space and lab environments, students feel they are in a modern program supported by modern facilities. 


The department of Applied Research, Entrepreneurship and Innovation—along with many other departments including Plant and Property, and Technology and Learning Innovation—has been working diligently to create the new Innovation Hub. Located in the lower F-wing of the Timmins campus and, with Board approval, soon to be renamed the I wing, the hub encompasses over 23,000 square feet of shops, labs, and classrooms. Primarily used for research and development, industry partnerships, student experiential learning, and technology development and adaptation, the project has been in the works since 2018 and is slated for completion by December 2020. The repurposing of this wing will allow students to learn with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, all while working alongside industry partners to better prepare them for their future careers.

With the support of industry partners, including our major corporate donor Kirkland Lake Gold, the Innovation Hub is expanding its focus on mining technology and process improvement research with the creation of a mining-centric, multi-purpose facility. The college has invested in the support and renovation of new laboratory spaces, including a new Prototyping Lab, Virtual Reality lab, Alternative Energy Lab, Advanced Manufacturing Lab, Mining Exploration shop, as well as improvements to support spaces.


With initial planning under way this past year for improvements to the Haileybury campus, the Veterinary Technician program offerings at Northern will see an expanded and newly renovated building. Concept drawings were developed in 2019 to expand and improve both physical lab spaces and teaching areas for an enhanced learning experience. 

The programs offered here, such as Wildlife Rehabilitation and Companion Animal Rehabilitation, are the only two of their kind in the country and meet a critical need in supporting the wildlife and companion animals that make our world richer. Institutional distinctiveness in these as well as other programming is further outlined in the College’s Strategic Mandate Agreement with the Province of Ontario and demonstrates the College’s widespread and lasting impact on the region.


At Northern College, we believe that a well-rounded post-secondary experience goes much further than what you learn in the classroom. Our vibrant campus communities offer numerous ways to let off some steam from your studies and our Northern College Student Association (NCSA) is constantly working to bring fun, community minded activities.

Both our Timmins and Haileybury campuses offer full-service residence facilities to ensure that your stay with us is as convenient and well-appointed as possible.

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