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What to expect from a career increasing and monitoring Quality

To meet or exceed quality standards, businesses must continually examine and adjust their processes, products and services. This practice is known as quality assurance (QA), and it plays a vital role in how businesses produce products and deliver services. In Ontario college quality assurance and quality control programs, you will gain the skills you need to create and implement quality policies and objectives.

If you want to apply your systematic thinking to a career in quality assurance, here’s what you need to know.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Courses

Quality assurance programs at Ontario colleges teach students the techniques and practices needed to ensure certain levels of quality and also to help increase customer satisfaction, business efficiency and overall profit. Courses will focus on:

  • Including QA in business plans and strategies
  • Performing a variety of quality audits
  • Following international standards of quality
  • Managing relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Identifying the cost of quality

Students will learn to design tests and interpret results to gain valuable information about a business’s processes, products and services.

Many quality assurance programs also offer co-op work terms or field placements, where students will apply what they’ve learned in one of many industries using QA.

General Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program Requirements

Most quality assurance and quality control programs require a post-secondary degree or diploma, and / or significant relevant work experience in the field. A high level of computer literacy is also often recommended.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Jobs and Salaries

Graduates of quality assurance programs will provide expertise in a wide variety of sectors, from automotive and electronics, to energy, food, manufacturing, government and more. Job titles in this field include (but aren’t limited to):

  • QA Analyst
  • Quality Control Inspector
  • Product Testing Technician
  • ISO Coordinator
  • Quality Manager

The average starting salary for quality assurance positions is around $30,000 per year, with the potential to earn more based on your level of expertise and the industry you work in.

Ontario Colleges Offering Quality Assurance and Quality Control Programs

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