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What to expect from a General Arts and Science program

General arts and science programs are usually taken before other college or university programs or by those who want to improve their employment opportunities and increase their job qualifications. The programs act as prep for other programs that are highly competitive and have difficult courses. They’re also good for those who aren’t sure what career path to take. General arts and science programs at Ontario colleges provide students with the knowledge and training for specific programs and can also help them choose a specific area of focus.

If you’re worried that you’re not prepared for college or university, don’t know what you want to do or want to increase your qualifications with a general arts and science program, here’s what you need to know.

General Arts and Science Courses

Students in general arts and science programs will take courses that typically fall into one of two areas:

  • Program-Specific. In programs that focus on a specific field, such as health or technology, courses will help students qualify for programs in that field. Students will gain a basic understanding of the subject area, and will also enhance their written and oral communications skills.
  • General Prep. Courses in these programs cover a wide range of subjects, from psychology and sociology to business and science. Students will gain knowledge in an assortment of subject areas, and will often get to choose some of their courses.

No matter the type of program, students will develop essential time management, critical thinking and organizational skills necessary to succeed in any career.

General General Arts and Science Program Requirements

Most Ontario college general arts and science programs require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, including grade 12 English. Because of the wide variety of programs that are offered, requirements vary.

General Arts and Science Jobs and Salaries

For graduates who want to start their careers right away, a general arts and science certificate or diploma may be enough to find a position in their field of choice. Common industries of employment include (but aren’t limited to):

There are numerous possibilities for positions across these industries, which makes an average starting salary difficult to predict. Most graduates who enter the workforce right away will find entry-level jobs, but those with experience may find positions at a higher level with higher earnings.

Ontario Colleges Offering General Arts and Science Programs

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