Military Arts

Advancing your Military career with continued education

To have a successful career in the military, non-commissioned members (or NCMs) are encouraged to keep up on the latest technological and strategic advancements in the field. Through military arts programs at Ontario colleges, professional development, leadership training, and business skills are provided to help NCMs who wish to advance their careers in the military or to further their knowledge within their current positions, as well as to help non-military members begin their careers with the Canadian Forces.

If you’re an NCM with career advancement goals, or you simply have a desire to explore a career in military affairs, here’s what you need to know.

Military Arts Courses

Military arts programs cover a number of different areas, including (but not limited to):

  • History and Law. Investigation into past, present and prospective military engagements, along with ethics, international relations, and armed conflict law classes, give students a well-rounded representation of the military’s ever-changing role on a national and global level.
  • Business and Communication. Project management, resource planning, writing and organization prepare students for administrative or marketing roles in the military.
  • Personal Development. Leadership, critical thinking, and dispute resolution prepare students for advanced positions in which they will be called upon to make decisions that impact others.

General Military Arts Program Requirements

Some Ontario college military arts programs require applicants to be NCMs, while others are open to individuals who are not associated with the Canadian Forces. In this case, an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent is required.

Military Arts Jobs and Salaries

While a certificate or diploma from a military arts program is designed to help graduates advance their careers in the Canadian Forces, it can also benefit those who are seeking careers after retiring from military service. The skills taught in these programs translate well into the business world, where individuals with leadership and critical thinking skills are always in demand.

Prospective salaries for graduates of these programs are entirely based on the position served either in the military or in a business career, and are therefore difficult to predict.

Ontario Colleges Offering Military Arts Programs

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