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For some, university is simply the right choice for their future goals; still, it’s common for many students to feel like they’re not quite ready for a university program, both academically and from the standpoint of choosing a career path. For these students, pre-degree and pre-university programs at Ontario colleges may be the answer to both advancing their skills and knowledge and exploring career options that will eventually lead to the right choice of university program.

If you’re thinking of heading to university but want to make sure you’ve done everything you can to be successful, here’s what you need to know.

Pre-Degree and Pre-University Courses

Pre-university programs have a number of functions in preparing students for transition into university. These include:

  • University Exploration Programs. These programs cover a broad range of disciplines that universities offer, including philosophy, psychology, sociology, English and more, so students can examine your opportunities and discover your interests. They also teach foundational language and critical thinking skills that help students prepare for the academic demands of university programs. Credits in these programs can be transferred toward select university programs.
  • University Preparation Programs. These programs are common in the science disciplines, where a good grasp of foundational knowledge is necessary to be successful in university. Students can use university preparation programs to get the required credits they need, explore different areas of the discipline or simply make sure they are ready for the academic challenges of the university program they desire.
  • Bridging Programs. Bridging programs are common in the nursing industry, for registered practical nurses who want to advance their careers with BScN programs, international nurses who need to get certified in Ontario and licensed RNs who want to brush up on their existing skills and learn new ones. The curriculum covers the standards for nursing set out by the College of Nurses and the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario. Topics covered include ethics, assessment, skills mastery and professional practice.

General Pre-Degree and Pre-University Program Requirements

Most Ontario college pre-degree and pre-university programs are offered as certificate or diploma programs, and require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), including a grade 12 English credit. Additional English and math credits may be required, depending on the program.

For pre-university programs that are offered as graduate certificate programs, completion of a degree or diploma program is required.

Pre-Degree and Pre-University Jobs and Salaries

The ultimate goal of pre-university programs is to obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to enter a university program; it is not likely that graduates will enter into their chosen career with just the credential granted from these programs.

Ontario Colleges Offering Pre-Degree and Pre-University Programs

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