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What to expect from a Computer Repair and Maintenance career

With the role of computers in day-to-day business, computer repair and maintenance professionals are valuable. Companies in every industry need to have computer technology implemented and maintained, keeping these workers in constant demand. Ontario college computer repair and maintenance programs can lead to diverse roles in computer installation, maintenance and repair, or can prepare students to continue learning in other related programs.

If you aren’t sure which area of computer technology you want to specialize in, or you’re simply interested in computer systems, hardware and programs, here’s what you need to know.

Computer Repair and Maintenance Courses

Computer repair and maintenance programs at Ontario colleges have practical and theory-based courses that result in strong technical and interpersonal skills. In both lectures and labs, students learn personal computer (PC) and computer network theory, then apply their knowledge in simulated situations.

Throughout the program, students learn how to troubleshoot, configure and repair:

  • Hardware
  • Networks
  • Software
  • Websites
  • Operating systems

Computer repair and maintenance programs will also give you baseline knowledge of how to customize computer hardware to match business needs.

General Computer Repair and Maintenance Program Requirements

Ontario college computer repair and maintenance programs require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent. Grade 12 English and a grade 11 or 12 math credit may also be required. English and math equivalency tests may be available if you do not meet the admission requirements.

Computer Repair and Maintenance Jobs and Salaries

As a graduate of a computer repair and maintenance program, you can find a career in any industry. Small businesses, corporations and consulting / contract companies are just a few of the types of organizations that could offer opportunities for a computer repair and maintenance worker.

Graduates could also choose to bridge into a Computer Systems or Network Technician program to further their education and specialize in a specific area of computer technology.

The average starting salary for computer maintenance and repair professionals is in the low $30,000 range, but may vary based on level of experience and type of company.

Ontario Colleges Offering Computer Repair and Maintenance Programs

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