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What to expect from a career in Computer Software

Computer software engineering and development is a growing and in-demand field. Professionals in this industry use leading-edge technology and processes to develop computer software, databases and applications in a variety of computer languages. As we continue to depend heavily on computers and technology, computer software professionals will only become even more desirable. Computer software programs at Ontario colleges prepare students for a career using the most advanced technology and software development practices.

If you excel at problem solving and have the interest in software development and computer languages necessary for a career in the computer software industry, here’s what you need to know.

Computer Software Courses

Ontario college computer software programs offer a wide range of courses that teach students all aspects of computer software development and engineering. A core focus of these programs is programming, where students learn to understand and use the most current and common programming languages.

Common course topics could include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Programming (web, Windows, UNIX and more)
  • Interface design
  • Operating system fundamentals and design
  • Software testing and quality assurance
  • Algorithm creation and application

Industry-relevant math courses are spread throughout computer software programs to ensure student success. Some programs may also have courses that cover mobile software and applications, as the world continues to "go mobile."

Co-operative work terms are also offered at some colleges, which allow students to apply their software development skills in a real work setting.

General Computer Software Program Requirements

Computer software programs at Ontario colleges require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent. They typically also require grade 12 English and grade 11 or 12 Math credit. Specific math courses are often recommended to best prepare the student for the program.

Note: Computer software degree programs will require U or M level courses in math and English, with the majority of grade 12 courses at the U or M level. Make sure you check program requirements carefully.

Computer Software Jobs and Salaries

There are many career opportunities in computer software. Graduates could find positions in almost every industry, from health care and finance to web development and education. Application programmer, systems designer, software developer, systems analyst and web designer are just a few of the titles graduates could hold.

Computer software professionals have an average starting salary of around $35,000. Level of experience, the type of industry and job responsibilities may all impact salaries.

Ontario Colleges Offering Computer Software Programs

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