What to expect from a career in Sport Management, Sport Conditioning and more

The sports industry offers exciting opportunities in both business and physical training / competition. Whether you’re helping athletes reach a certain level of fitness, marketing a new sports product, selling tickets, planning a sporting event or more, sports programs at Ontario colleges will help you land a career in this continually growing industry.

If you want to turn your passion for sports into a successful career, here’s what you need to know.

Sports Courses

Some Ontario college sports programs offer overviews on all aspects of the sports industry, while others target one specific aspect. Program and course subjects can usually be grouped into these two general categories:

  • Sport Administration, Business and Management. In these programs, students will develop a thorough understanding of the sports industry on both the business and athlete level. Programs will vary, but course subjects may include governance and game rules, sport event planning, sport marketing and sales, media and corporate sponsorship, recreation programming and much more. Core courses in business, finance and communication are also included.
  • Sport Conditioning. Sport conditioning programs combine both theory and practical courses, so students can not only plan conditioning programs, but also perform them themselves. Physical training courses focus on speed, agility, resistance, balance and strength, while theory courses in leadership, program planning and facilities and league management provide the theoretical knowledge needed for working in the sports industry.

In addition to these categories, students may decide to choose a program that focuses on a specific area of the sports industry, such as journalism, photography or marketing.

General Sports Program Requirements

Sports programs at Ontario Colleges are offered at the diploma and post-graduate level. Diploma programs typically require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, which includes a grade 12 English credit. A grade 11 or 12 math credit is also required for some programs.

Post-graduate sports programs require a post-secondary diploma or degree, usually in a business- or sports-related field.

Sports Jobs and Salaries

There are many areas of the sports industry with opportunities for program graduates, from sports facilities and professional organizations to retail, supply, marketing and much more. Job titles include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Athletic Director
  • Sports Agent
  • Marketing and Events Coordinator
  • Conditioning Coach

Salaries in the sports industry vary widely, depending on your position, employer and level of experience. The starting salary for sports program graduates can be anywhere between $24,000 and $40,000 per year.

Ontario Colleges Offering Sports Programs

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