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What to expect from a career as a Professional Fundraiser or Volunteer

Fundraising and volunteer work are often things people do on their own time, but there are many people who have successful careers in the fundraising and volunteer sector. These people help recruit and coordinate volunteers for not-for-profit agencies in the health care, education, political and recreation industries, as well as many others. They also help create publicity and strategies for raising money to meet their organization’s target goals.

If you’d like to turn your interest in fundraising and volunteering into more than something you do on your own time, and want to start a successful career as a fundraising and volunteering professional, here’s what you need to know.

Fundraising and Volunteer Courses

Fundraising and volunteer programs will have a variety of courses on widespread topics:

  • Marketing. Marketing courses will cover topics like direct marketing, merchandising, public relations and more. Communication skills like grant and proposal writing, and oral communication will also be emphasized.
  • Ethics. The ethics surrounding fundraising and volunteering are complex. Courses will cover topics like public trust and professional conduct, and will help teach students to understand and be accountable for the legalities of fundraising and volunteering.
  • Management. Management courses cover money management, project management and human resources coordination. Students will also learn fundamental skills in managing client and donor relationships.

Case studies and internships are a major component of fundraising programs, giving students the opportunity to learn from the work of others and also to put the lessons learned in the classroom to work in the real world alongside experienced professionals.

General Fundraising and Volunteer Program Requirements

Ontario college fundraising and volunteer programs are offered at the graduate certificate level, which means you’ll need to have a college diploma or university degree to qualify for acceptance. Diplomas or degrees with a social sciences, humanities, business, marketing or ethics component may be given preference.

Strong oral and written communication skills and experience as a volunteer may be seen as an asset.

Fundraising and Volunteer Jobs and Salaries

Fundraisers and volunteers are needed in nearly all sectors, from social services and health care to recreation and the arts. Graduates of fundraising and volunteer programs can hold positions like event coordinators, campaign managers, community relations professionals, grant writers and much more.

Salaries in the field vary by position and organization, but are generally high. Starting salaries usually fall between $35,000 and $40,000 per year, while salaries for experienced fundraising professionals range between $65,000 and $75,000 or more.

Ontario Colleges Offering Fundraising and Volunteer Programs

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