Indigenous Studies

What to expect from a career in Indigenous Services

Indigenous studies programs at Ontario Colleges have a variety of focuses, from education and advocacy to health and wellness. But what they all have in common is recognition of the unique perspective offered by Indigenous cultures and communities. The goal of these programs is to help preserve these perspectives and prepare graduates to bring their knowledge into their communities through their chosen career paths.

If you’re interested in combining your career with Indigenous studies, here’s what you need to know.

Indigenous Studies Courses

Many types of programs in the Ontario college system are taught from the perspective of the Indigenous community and are designed to meet the needs of its members. The general categories into which these programs fall are:

  • Health and Wellness. Indigenous social services, family services and counselling programs help focus on the unique health and wellness needs of Indigenous peoples in modern times, with respect for Indigenous culture, traditions, values and beliefs.
  • Community and Education. Education programs, such as Indigenous early childhood education or Indigenous general arts and sciences, examine the social and cultural traditions and values of Indigenous peoples and how they should be included in the education system. Community-based programs, such as Indigenous community development and advocacy, help ensure the preservation of cultural practices and the protection of legal and cultural rights of Indigenous peoples in Canadian society.
  • Preparatory Programs. Some Indigenous studies programs are intended to help Indigenous students gain or preserve their sense of cultural identity, while prepping them to transition into another college program. These programs will focus on Indigenous culture and heritage but will also provide foundations for overall academic success.

General Indigenous Studies Program Requirements

Many Ontario college Indigenous studies programs are intended to help Indigenous students find careers, but others are open to anyone with an interest in Indigenous culture. Specific requirements for the different types of Indigenous studies programs will vary, so be sure to check program details carefully.

Ontario Colleges Offering Indigenous Studies Programs

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