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What to expect from a career as a Chiropodist

People interested in the medical field often overlook chiropody or podiatry, yet there are many opportunities for professionals in this field. Podiatry and chiropody programs at Ontario colleges teach students to treat various foot and lower limb issues, caused by diseases and injuries. These programs lead to rewarding careers in chiropodist medicine, helping patients who suffer from foot conditions.

If you’re interested in a medical career and are fascinated with feet and foot-related disorders, here’s what you need to know.

Podiatry and Chiropody Courses

Podiatry and chiropody courses give students in-depth knowledge of the physiology of the lower limbs and the foot. Podiatric biomechanics, dermatology and pathophysiology are just a few of the science-based courses that students focus on as they learn to diagnose and treat various conditions of the foot and the lower limbs.

From a practical standpoint, students work with faculty and students from other medical programs to develop professional, collaborative skills and to develop broad knowledge on patient safety, ethical issues and team work.

Laboratory time, research methods and clinical rotations will also be emphasized as part of the chiropody and podiatry curriculum.

General Podiatry and Chiropody Program Requirements

Podiatry and chiropody are generally offered as graduate advanced diploma programs, which means students must have a Bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible. Prerequisite credits include Human Physiology and Life Sciences.

Podiatry and Chiropody Jobs and Salaries

Graduates must register with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario in order to practice. Once licensed, professionals can practice in a variety of medical and community establishments, including (but not limited to):

  • Hospitals
  • Community health centers
  • Health clinics
  • Private practices
  • Long-term care facilities

Chiropodists can expect to see a variety of patient conditions, including sports injuries, geriatric conditions, diabetes-related conditions and much more. Entry-level salaries for chiropodists are in the $40,000 to $50,000 range.

Ontario Colleges Offering Podiatry and Chiropody Programs

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