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What to expect from a career as a Denturist or Dental Technologist

Not all careers in the field of dentistry are focused on regular checkups and cleanings. While dental hygiene and assistant programs focus on oral health practices, denturism and dental tech programs at Ontario colleges teach students to manufacture the many devices used in dental treatment, from dentures and mouth guards to crowns and bridges.

If you’re interested in creating the tools of the dental industry and can see yourself as a denturist or dental technologist, here’s what you need to know.

Denturism and Dental Tech Courses

Ontario college denturism and dental tech programs are both three-year Advanced Diploma programs that equip students with both an overview of dental techniques and the skills necessary to practice in their specialty.

Along with classes in anatomy (head, neck and oral-facial), infection control and more, students in a dental technology program will learn the manufacturing of a number of dental devices, including crowns, bridges and implant-related restorations. Students in denturist programs will learn the same core skills, but will largely specialize in manufacturing and fitting dentures, including partial and immediate dentures as well as implant-supported dentures.

General Denturism and Dental Tech Program Requirements

Both denturism and dental technology programs require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent. That diploma must include:

  • A grade 12 English credit
  • A senior level math or physics credit
  • A senior level biology credit

Physical dexterity testing may also be required.

Note: Graduates of denturism programs must pass a licensing examination to become a registered denturist through the College of Denturists of Ontario. Graduates of dental technologist programs who complete one year of supervised work experience may write the registration exam for dental technologists from the College of Dental Technologists of Ontario.

Denturism and Dental Tech Jobs and Salaries

Registered denturists and dental technologists are both eligible to work in existing dental laboratories or dentists’ offices or to open their own establishments. A career in sales with dental supply companies is another option, particularly for those trained in dental technology.

The average starting salary of a dental technologist graduate is around $28,000 per year. Denturist salaries start higher, averaging around $48,000 per year.

Ontario Colleges Offering Denturism and Dental Tech Programs

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