What to expect from a career in Drilling and Blasting

A career working with blasting mechanisms and explosives is challenging and exciting, but it also requires a particular skill set that includes precision, theoretical knowledge and keen attention to safety and protocol. Blasting programs at Ontario colleges focus on these areas while providing students with plenty of hands-on experience so they can confidently start their careers in the blasting industry.

If you want to develop the unique skills necessary for a career in blasting and drilling, here’s what you need to know.

Blasting Courses

Ontario college blasting programs are offered either as one-year blasting techniques programs or longer, more in-depth programs that train students to act as both drillers and blasters.

In blasting techniques programs, students apply scientific and mathematical theory to different types of blasting methods and explosive equipment. Techniques in blast hole drilling, blast design, accident prevention and environmental protection are also part of the curriculum.

In programs that focus on both drilling and blasting, students learn more specialized methods of blasting compared to those in blasting or drilling techniques programs. Other focus areas include learning to operate various types of drilling equipment and the different methods of drilling, such as waterwell drilling, horizontal drilling and more.

The majority of the focus in all Ontario college blasting programs is on practical training through hands-on sessions, conducted in labs, on-campus blasting environments and field assignments. Students will learn to safely handle equipment, conduct blasts and work as part of a team before entering the workforce.

General Blasting Program Requirements

Ontario college blasting programs typically require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent. Specific academic requirements will vary by program.

Blasting Jobs and Salaries

Surface blasting and drilling professionals are in high demand across many sectors, including construction, mining and more. Depending on the program credential, possible job titles and specializations include:

  • Resource Drilling and Blasting Technician
  • Blasting Assistant
  • Construction Blaster
  • Open Pit Blaster
  • Surface Mining Blaster

Because of the in-demand nature of the roles and the precise training necessary to fill them, wages and salaries in the drilling and blasting industry are quite competitive. While salaries can start as low as $33,000 per year, the average salary for drilling and blasting technicians is around $50,000, and can reach as high as $60,000 or more with experience.

Ontario Colleges Offering Blasting Programs

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