Crane Operator

What to expect from a career as a Crane Operator

Learning to operate a crane may seem like an overly specialized career choice, but crane operators are in short supply, and consequently, are in high demand. To become a crane operator, you must have knowledge of machinery, attention to detail and most importantly a recognition and respect for workplace and machine safety. Crane operator programs at Ontario colleges can help you gain this unique combination of skills and knowledge.

If you’d like to become a crane operator and start a career in the construction industry, here’s what you need to know.

Crane Operator Courses

Crane operator programs are offered as apprenticeships, which means much of the curriculum will be focused on on-the-job training. In class work will consist of theory classes on crane and workplace safety, wire, rope and rigging instruction, crane maintenance, and also learning operations for both hydraulic and conventional cranes.

General Crane Operator Program Requirements

In order to register for Ontario college crane operator programs, students must have received their Offer of Training letter from the Ministry of Colleges and Universities.

Crane Operator Jobs and Salaries

Crane operators have numerous responsibilities – they are charged with the assembly and operation of machines capable of lifting and moving more than 1600 pounds, which is no small feat. On top of this, crane operators are also expected to maintain, clean and inspect their equipment and plan their lifts for efficiency, safety and to meet objectives.

Crane operators are employed across a number of different sectors, from commercial building developers and construction firms to manufacturing companies. Salaries can start as low as approximately $32,000 per year, but can more than double depending on the job and with experience and further certification.

Ontario Colleges Offering Crane Operator Programs

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