Earn While You Learn

Picture yourself...at the top of the payscale.

Some people think that six-figure salaries are only for doctors, lawyers, and high-ranking CEOs. But what they're missing is that many careers in the skilled trades are also among the highest paying. For example, for industrial electricians, pipefitters and powerline technicians, entry-level positions often start at $60,000 or more, and will typically climb well into the six-figures with experience and advancement.

Apprenticeship Programs

A big driver behind the earning power of trades workers is apprenticeship - a hands-on approach to learning that combines on-the-job training and in-class technical training. Apprentices are paid for the work experience portion of their training, which can take between two and five years to complete depending on their trade. By earning a pay cheque as they complete their education, many finish with little to no student debt.

High School Student? Get a Head Start!

a tradeswoman grinding metal with her boss giving her instructions

You don't have to wait till after high school to start exploring and training in the skilled trades. The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program is a school-to-work program that gives Grade 11 and 12 students the opportunity to become registered apprentices while completing their high school diploma. With apprenticeship hours already under their belts, graduating students can spend less time completing their training after high school, and become certified in their chosen trade faster.

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