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Apply to College From Your Phone

Apply to public colleges in Ontario, anytime and from anywhere. Browse thousands of programs across the province, and find the one that’s right for you. View and accept offers of admission the moment they are posted to your account. Get the App today!

New Resource for Credit Transfer between Colleges and Universities in Ontario

Are you considering changing programs or institutions? Why waste time and money repeating courses you’ve already taken? You could receive credit for postsecondary courses you’ve already completed by applying for a credit transfer.

Visit our new Transfer Credits page to learn more about credit transfer and the online resource that can help you discover potential transfer opportunities between Ontario’s public colleges and universities.

With over 35,000 distinct transfer opportunities at your fingertips, where will your transfer pathway lead you?

Resources for College Preparation

It’s common for students to have concerns about whether they’re prepared for their college programs.

Rest assured, colleges are accustomed to assessing incoming students and ensuring that appropriate resources are in place to support their success. However, these resources cannot wholly replace the academic knowledge expected of students entering college.

Students are encouraged to make use of the resources available to them through the school boards, the Ministry of Education and independent learning centres to proactively address any concerns about gaps in their learning in advance of entry into college.

In addition, for students already committed to a college program beginning in the fall, the following list provides information about services generally available at each college that may help fill gaps in preparedness. We encourage students to contact their college directly for detailed information.

Visit our Resources for College Preparation page for a list of resources by college.


College Information Program (CIP)

Every fall, representatives from Ontario's public colleges tour the province to meet and talk with prospective students. If you are considering college, this is your chance to gather information about the colleges and programs you are interested in, all in one place.

See our CIP page for more information about CIP and a full schedule of this year's events.

Ontario College Fair (OCF)

The Ontario College Fair is an in-person event that brings together all Ontario Colleges in one location. You can meet with college representatives to gather information about programs, campuses, and admission requirements. You can even learn how to apply to college from the event.

The Ontario College Fair is a great place to start exploring all that college has to offer. For more information, visit the Ontario College Fair website.

Aboriginal Postsecondary Information Program (APSIP)

The Aboriginal Post-Secondary Information Program is a tour dedicated to empowering Indigenous (First Nations, status and non-status, Inuit and Métis) learners to pursue postsecondary education in Ontario.

At APSIP events, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with Indigenous college liaisons who can answer your questions about applying to college, choosing a program, admission requirements, applying for financial aid / funding, arranging living accommodations, and campus life.

To learn more about APSIP, check out our APSIP page.

Skills Ontario Competition

The Skills Ontario Competition and Career Exploration Showcase are hosted by Skills Ontario to promote careers in the skilled trades and technologies. Come explore booths and interactive displays created by representatives from industry, government, colleges, associations, and labour forces.

See our Skills Ontario page to learn more about the event.

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