What to expect from a career in Radio Broadcasting

To be successful, radio announcers need strong oral communication skills, charisma and the ability to sift through information and find important details. Even with the emergence of new media, radio continues to be a leading source of news and music for large audiences. Armed with diplomas and practical experience, graduates of Ontario college radio programs will be prepared to work in all areas of radio broadcasting.

If you’re interested in a career planning or putting on a radio show, here’s what you need to know.

Radio Broadcasting Jobs and Salaries

Broadcasting jobs can be found at public and private stations and in all types of radio programming, from news and sports to talk, music, community events and more. With extensive broadcasting knowledge, graduates are equipped to work in a variety of roles, including (but not limited to):

Jobs in radio often have unusual work hours. Announcers are typically on air for only a few hours at a time, but could be on anytime from early morning to late at night. Much of the job will be behind the scenes, as broadcasting careers involve a lot of program preparation.

Radio broadcasting salaries typically start on the lower end, between $24,000 and $29,000 per year. However, higher-level positions like producer and director could result in salaries upwards of $70,000, depending on the station.

Ontario Colleges Offering Radio Programs

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